New Prints from Gallery Nucleus

Hansel & Gretel is finally opening this Saturday (Aug18) and
we are releasing 7 new prints for the show!

The first three are images of H & G main characters that I
made only for the show. You can get one of them for free with every purchase of the original ink page. (not sold separately)

The other four are the paintings I did for a show in Rome in
late 2010. Heart, Brain, Stomach and Eyeball. Giclee print
on 100% cotton, acid free paper. Velvet fine art texture
on radiant white base. 14" x 11". $50 each and the full set is
$180. Available at the gallery and their online store.

The opening reception is from 7pm to 11pm and my show is
on the second floor of the gallery.
Visit the event page for more info:

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by junko-mizuno | 2012-08-15 11:34
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